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Hey Mojko, I like the game, but it has several flaws.

One being there is no tutorial, I had to randomly spam buttons just to find out what I could even do. I couldn't find any objective, so i jsut ran around, got slammed by guards, watched as everyone waked through walls, then proceded to crash whilst entering a hole in the ground (Note, i never looked in the description, just downloaded it and started playing)

Alltogether, good idea, had flaws, but was still enjoyable.

3/5 - Slimebrik

Thanks for the comment and I understand your points :P

The game was developed in 8-10 hours and wasn't really playtested, so I just programmed stuff and went on with it.

I didn't want to include any tutorial, I wanted people to find out what to do by themselves :)

Thanks for playing though slimebrik, appreciate it.